Mousse and croustillant of langostino

20 fresh langostinos

2 shallots, peeled and chopped

2 branch of thyme

2 branches of coriander

1 star anise

4 cl white port wine

2 cl cognac

Olive oil to fry

1,7 l shell fish broth

200 ml cream

5 ½ leaves of gelatine for the mousse

4 ½ leaves of gelatine for the jelly


Cayenne pepper

Lemon juice

1 tsp leaves of coriander, chopped

1 tbsb lime oil

12 slices tomatoes, dried, oven roasted

1 floury potato, cut in fine slices

1 egg white lightly beaten

40 g Imperial caviar

Artichoke-nut salad

1 artichoke cooked until tender

1 tbsp celery cooked until tender

1 tbsp diced carrots cooked until tender

½ tbsp finely chopped coriander

1 tbsp walnut oil

2 dash white wine vinegar

Salt, pepper from a mill


Mousse and croustillant of langostino

Remove the shell of the langostinos and keep 12 of them aside. Sauté the other langostinos lightly with shallots in olive oil and add a branch of thyme, a branch of coriander and star anise. Deglaze with port wine and cognac. Add 1 litre of shellfish broth and reduce by half. Take off the herbs and blend the reduced broth with 100 millilitres of cream added until smooth. Strain it through a sieve and stir in the soaked and squeezed gelatine. Season with salt, cayenne pepper and lemon juice. Leave to cool. Beat the remaining 100 millilitres of cream and fold it carefully in. Cover baking tray with cling film, distribute the mousse 1,5 cm thick on it and let it set. Cut out 4 circles with a cutting ring (diameter of 6 cm). Reduce the remaining shell fish broth with an added branch of coriander down to 400 millilitres. Add a dash of cognac and stir in the soaked and squeezed gelatine. Season with salt and cayenne pepper. Pour through a sieve.

Cover cutting ring (diameter of 6,5 cm) with strip of lining wrap and put it over the cut mousse with the same distance on every side. Pour the gelled shell fish broth around the mousse. Leave it covered to cool down for 24 hours.

Cut 4 langostinos into small cubes. Divide the langostinos marinated with salt, pepper, lime oil and finely chopped coriander over the mousse in the ring. Cut 4 additional langostinos into fine slices and season with salt, pepper and lime oil.

Combine the slices of langostinos with baked tomatoes in layers and build a little tower. Place the tower in the middle of the tartlets. Freeze on the remaining 4 langostinos, put them in egg white and wrap thin potato stripes around. Fry in 170 degree hot grease until golden yellow. Drain and season with salt.

Artichoke-nut salad

Mix all ingredients and season spicy.

To serve

Remove the tartlets from the ring, garnish with 10-gram caviar. Serve one courstillant and artichoke-nut salad each. Finish the plate with reduced shell fish broth if required.

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