More exceptional gourmet experiences in Germany…

06 Oct 2014
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The Schleswig-Holstein Gourmet Festival celebrates another successful gourmet event, this time at Strandhotel Glücksburg.

This weekend, Michael Röhm had his last appearance as a guest chef at Schleswig-Holstein Gourmet Festival at the StrandhotelGlücksburg. Later this year, the Michelin-starred chef will be closing his restaurant Zum Heidkrug in Lüneburg and face up to newchallenges. While the classic five-course meal was served at the table on the first night, the second night featured the very first casual kitchen party, where 80 guests were served tasters at stalls, such as tatar of king crab, avocado and mango by Michael Röhm; smoked yellow fin mackerel with chili and couscous by Patrick Speck; braised ox cheek, celery, Enoki, lemon and chorizo by Sebastian Buchta; venison, dark maple, three kinds of corn, chanterelle fritto by André Schneider; and flambeed creme brulee, tarte tatin and hibiscus ice cream by Wolfang Pertri.

The next five festival events will take place between 1-16 November 2014, set between the North and the Baltic Seas. For more information and videos, visit