2x monkfish cheeks (kokotxas)

20g sake

10g soy sauce

2 garlic confit

1tbsp black garlic gel

1tbsp black garlic mayonnaise

1tbsp watercress stems


Black garlic mayonnaise 

3 cloves black garlic

100g milk

300g sunflower oil

1tbsp salt


Black garlic gel

50g black garlic

70g water

0.25g xanthan gum

1tbsp salt


Garlic scape confit

2 tender garlic scapes

1tbsp mild olive oil




Black garlic mayonnaise

Place the garlic, a pinch of salt and the milk into the blending jug and blend. Making sure that the blender is at the bottom of the jug, add all the oil and start to emulsify without moving the hand blender. As soon as you notice it start to emulsify, raise the blender little by little, making sure everything is well mixed and has emulsified.


Black garlic gel

Place all the ingredients in a blending jug and blend together. Pour through a fine mesh and store in a squeezy bottle.


Garlic scape confit

Clean the garlic scapes and reserve the hearts. Cover in mild olive oil and place over a very low heat and cook until soft. Put to one side ready for serving.


To serve

Sprinkle the kokotxas with salt and make sure they are vacuum packed ready for boiling. Boil the kokotxas at 60 degrees for 3 minutes before opening the packet and broiling on both sides. While the kokotxas are cooking, place the sake in a pan until it starts to boil, helping to cook out the strong alcoholic flavour. Add in the soy sauce and when it comes back to the boil, remove it from the heat and add the correct amount of black garlic mayonnaise and sliced monkfish cheeks before placing the pan back on the heat. Do not let it start to boil as the monkfish cheeks should not be fully covered.

Place the hot monkfish cheeks into a deep dish along with a few dots of black garlic gel and the garlic scape confit which we broiled previously and decorate it with some of the watercress.


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