Miyazaki Beef

2 xMiyazaki ribeye (5kg)

Rice paper chip

20 sheets dry spring roll wrapper

Kaffir lime salt

40g fresh kaffir lime leaves

200g salt

Peanut puree

1.2kgHalf and Half

250g raw peanuts (no skin)

20 g sugar

Salt, to taste

12g agar

Candied peanut

360g water

180g sugar

500g peanuts (lightly toasted in oven)

Oleur de sel, to taste

“Crispies” (garlic, shallot, ginger)

300g ginger (small dice)

300g garlic (small dice, germ removed)

300g shallots (small dice)

800g grape seed oil (use as needed)

200g butter

Salt to taste

Romaine jam

1 kg romaine hearts

150g garlic (peeled, remove germ, bruniose)

150g shallot (bruniose)

200g rice wine vinegar

50g sugar

Salt, to taste

100g grapeseed oil

Romaine wings

3 xromaine hearts

Sliced green grapes

1⁄2 kg green seedless grapes

Thai sauce

100g grape seed oil

50g white shoyu

60g palm sugar

70g Blis or Red Boat barrel aged Oish sauce

16 xegg yolks

1 bunch scallion tops (small dice)

2 xFresno chili, fresh (remove seeds, bruniose)

Juice of 6 limes

Zest of 2 limes

2 xkaffir lime leaves (micro bruniose)

20g garlic (peeled, remove germ, bruniose)

40g ginger (peeled, grate on Microplane )

40g Thai basil buds

Tom yum broth

200g grape seed oil

200g butter (unsalted)

200g red curry paste

1200g yellow onion (peeled, sliced thin)

200g galangal (cut into 1 inch coins)

Salt, to taste

10kg chicken stock

1 whole chicken (raw, skinned)

10 stalks lemongrass (split in half )

1 head garlic (skin on, split into cloves)

10 xkaffir limes leaves

1 bunch cilantro stems

1 bunch scallion (white part only)

1 fresno chili (deseeded)

400g lime juice (fresh)

100g Oish sauce

Additional aromatics (for steeping in broth before straining)

1 bunch cilantro tops

1 bunch scallion tops

5 xkaffir lime leaves

100g lime juice ( fresh)

100g Oish sauce

To garnish

Thai basil, citrus coriander, scallion, watercress, Merlot romaine, black mint, Coriander flowers


Miyazaki Beef

Clean ribeye, separating cap from eye. Trim off excess fat and silver skin.Cut eye in half and freeze 1 half. Portion cap and remaining eye into 50g cubes. Once remaining half is frozen, slice on deli slicer 1/16 inch thick, place onto deli paper and reserve.

Rice paper chip

Break sheets into thirds. Fry in grape seed oil at 380F for 3 seconds. Shape wrapper as it’s coming out of fryer; season with kaffir salt.

Kaffir lime salt

Microwave lime leaves on high for 20 seconds to dry. Once dry, blend in mixer until Oine powder. Combine with salt and mix well. Reserve.

Peanut puree

Toast peanuts heavily in oven until dark golden brown. Steep in half and half for 8 hours in refrigerator. Strain liquid, discard peanuts. Add liquid to sauce pot (should be 1000g), add sugar, salt, and agar. Bring liquid to boil; Boil for 1 minute, cool in pan over ice. Once set, blend in blender until smooth. Pass through chinois and store in squeeze bottle.

Candied peanut

Cook sugar to 240F, add peanuts and mix well to coat evenly. Cook until peanuts are caramelized. Cool on Silpat and season with salt.

“Crispies” (garlic, shallot, ginger)

Heat rondeau to medium heat, add 200 grams oil, then add shallots. Stir often to ensure even cooking. Sweat until dry, push shallot to one side of the rondeau. Add 200 g oil, then add garlic and sweat until dry. Mix shallot and garlic and push back to one side of the pan. Add 200 g oil, then add ginger. Sweat until dry.Mix all 3 together in pan, add remaining oil and butter, and season with salt. Cook/fry until golden brown, strain through China cap onto sheet tray lined with paper towels. Reserve in air tight container

Romaine jam

Remove leaf of hearts from the rib section. Keep rib section. Cut rib section into small dice. Heat rondeau to medium low temp.Add oil, warm, then add and sweat garlic. Add and sweat shallot.Add romaine dice and salt, stir well. Add vinegar and sugar. Bring to simmer and cook until jam/marmalade texture. Cool.

Romaine wings

Trim 1 inch from top and bottom of romaine hearts. Separate individual leaves. Trim leaves keeping 1⁄2 inch of green to the rib section. Slice 1⁄4 inch thick on hard bias to form v shape.Store in ice water.

Sliced green grapes

Trim ends of grapes, slice grapes 1⁄4 inch thick into coins. Reserve.

Thai sauce

Combine all ingredients and mix well, keep cold, whisk often.

Tom yum broth

Heat rondeau to med high heat. Add oil, warm, then add butter. Foam butter. Add curry paste and toast for 5 minutes, stirring often. Add onions and sweat until soft, add galangal and cook down until onions are translucent . season with salt. Add remaining ingredients, bring to simmer and cook for 1 hour or until Olavor is balanced turn off heat a steep in additional aromatics for 15 min. adjust salt level with Oish sauce to taste. Strain through chinois, cool.

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