Serves 2



1 pc Veal Tenderloin – 120g, season with salt and white pepper

20g butter, sott

3g sliced black truffle

2pcspork lardo batons

White clay rolled out to ½ cm thick



1kg potato

300g flour




Green pea puree


500g green peas

10g chicken stock

50g butter



Veal jus

Sherry vinegar

Hazelnut oil




Using a small cutter (Japanese NO1) cut out 2 holes length ways and place the lardo inside.Spread the butter over evenly and then lay the truffle on top.Wrap in parchment paper and tie with string.Place the veal on the small clay slab, put the big one over the top, seal the edges with some water and trim the edges.Bake in the oven 165℃ until internal temperature receives 39℃. Allow to rest until the internal temperature is 51℃ for medium rare.



Mix all the ingredients together and cut up into small balls. Then, use a fork to make strips into the dough.Add the small gnocchi’s into a boiling salted water with oil. Take it out when the gnocchi floats.


Green pea puree

Blanch the green peas until soft. Transfer to a thermo mix and add chicken stock and butter. Blend until smooth. Season and pass through a fine sieve.Put into piping bags and cool it immediately in ice.