Serves 6



100g sugar

100g egg yolks

375g whipping cream

150g milk chocolate

200g cashew nut praline

100g chopped caramelised cashew nuts [see below]


Yuzu sorbet

500g yuzu juice

500g water

600g milk

600g sugar


Yuzu curd

70g yuzu juice

100g sugar

60g butter

2 yolks

1 eggs


Cashew juice

65g cashew praline

300g milk

30g sugar


Caramelised cashew nuts

500g roasted nuts

200g sugar

50g water

15g butter

5g salt




Melt the chocolate at 40c and mix with the cashew nut praline. Whip cream to a ribbon stage and keep in the fridge. Combine the sugar with egg yolks using an electric whisk until double in size and light in colour. Combine the chocolate and egg mixture together and add cream, slowly. Finally, fold in the chopped nuts. Pipe parfait mix into moulds and freeze.


Yuzu sorbet

Sugar, water and milk bring to boil. Cool it down and mix with yuzu juice. Churn in ice cream machine.


Yuzu curd

Place all ingredients in a bowl, except the butter, over a pan with simmering water. Keep whisking until the mixture becomes thick (similar to custard consistency) and light. Take the bowl off the heat and add butter in small chunks.

Cashew juice

Place all ingredients in a pan. On a low heat, bring to the boil stirring constantly.


Caramelised cashew

Cook the sugar syrup to 120c. Add nuts and stir constantly until crystalised and caramelised. Add butter and spread on tray to cool down.


To serve

Pipe cashew sauce on plate and spread it with a spoon. Sprinkle cashew nuts on plate. Pipe few dots of yuzu curd and decorate with basil leaves and some pomegranate seeds. Place the parfait on the plate and scoop portion of yuzu sorbet.


Photography by Jean Cazals