Serves 4


Cheese dumplings

250g mature cheddar cheese

¼ head of Savoy cabbage

190ml pine vinegar

190ml pine oil

1kg purple carrots

2 chicken feet

50g white queen kale

200ml black garlic emulsion (pureed black garlic & olive oil)

100g black trumpetmushrooms


12 red butterfly sorrel

12 pea flowers


Cheese dumplings

Slice the cheese as thinly as possible (1mm) and set aside wrapped in cling film at room temperature.Mix the vinegar and oil , season heavily with salt and add finely shredded cabbage, mix well and leave to stand for 10 minutes then weigh out 6g portions of the marinated cabbage and place on a sheet of sliced cheese, cover with second slice and press down with ravioli cutter. Make 3 ravioli per plate.Juice all the carrots and then pour juice into a pot, add the chicken feet and bring to boil . Reduce by ¾ and strain, blitz and strain. Adjust seasoning and put in a squeezy bottle.Melt some butter in frying pan and saute the black trumpets mushroom. Add a drop of black garlic emulsion towards the end.


To Serve

On a warm plate pipe on the black carrot sauce add the 3 ravioli pipe on black garlic emulsion then, add a spoon of black trumpets , decorate with white queen kale, red butterfly sorrel and pea flowers.Blow torch ravioli in front of the guest.