Polar sea trout

4 x 80g fillets of polar sea trout

120ml olive oil

1tbsbarbecue sauce

Sea salt

Freshly ground pepper


100gpineapple (cut into fine pieces)


30gmango pulp


1 pinchpink pepper,finely crushed

1tspred onions,finely diced

Cayenne pepper

Juice from a lime


8 slicessweet-sour pickled radish

80gmixture of sprouts (radish sprouts, beet root sprouts, alfalfa sprouts, mungbeans, red and green Shiso cress)


75ml rice vinegar

40mloyster sauce

1tsp soy sauce

20mlsoy oil

1tbsfinely chopped chives

1 pinch finely grated ginger

1 pinch finely chopped coriander

1 pinchfinely grated garlic

Pickled beech mushrooms

75g beech mushrooms

125g shallots

90gsoy sauce


125g Mizkan sherry

90ml sherry


Lime zest



Asian spicy sauce

1egg yolk

60ml soy oil

30ml roasted sesame oil

20g candied ginger, finely chopped

1garlic clove, finely grated

15mlsoy sauce

1⁄2tsp rice vinegar

50gcream fraiche

1 pinchDayong

Lime juice


Polar seatrout

Marinate the polar sea trout for 15 minutes in 10 percent of salt water, then take it out, dab dry it and do not rinse with water. Place the fish on a baking sheet, sprinkle with olive oil and put it in a 60 degree hot oven. Take the filets out at a core temperature of 40 degrees and spread it well with the barbecue sauce.


For the chutney slightly caramelize the sugar and deglaze it with vodka and lime juice. Add mango pulp and pineapple cubes and bring to the boil.Season to taste with pink pepper and cayenne pepper. Add the red onions.


Stir all liquids and add the herbs and then season with salt and pepper.

Beech mushrooms

Clean, wash and spin dry the beech mushrooms and fill them into a preserving jar. Add finely chopped shallots, soy sauce, Mirin, Mizkan, sherry, chili, lime zest, lemongrass and coriander and preserve it for 40 minutes in a combi-steamer.

Asian spicy sauce

For thesaucemix the egg yolk little by little with the oil and then fold in all other ingredients.Season the sauce with salt, pepper and cayenne pepper.

To serve

Arrange the pineapple-mango-chutney with a ring ( 8 cm diameter) in the middle of a plate. Put the slightly warm fish filets on the plate. Mix the salad of sprouts and the Shiso cress with the Vinaigrette and put it on the polar sea trouts.Put two thin slices of pickled radish and four beech mushrooms on every plate. Around all that, place five drops Asian spicy-sauce and pour the rest of the Vinaigrette over it. Serve immediately.