Chestnut meringue

65g chestnut honey

65g water

120g protein

12g albumen

Madeira jelly

15g sheet gelatine

30g sugar

300ml Madeira

0.5g agar

Goose liver terrine

3gr sugar

885g milk

10g cognac

11g sea salt

2.5g whole allspice

800g foie gras

10g port wine

To serve

Truffle oil

1 slice of fresh black truffle

Sea salt


Chestnut meringue

Mix all ingredientsin a mixer. Put on the baking tray. Dry in the oven at 100C for the first 40 minutes, then at 120C for 15 minutes.

Madeira jelly

Slightly vaporize Madeira with sugar, then add sugar, take off the fire. Gradually add soaked gelatine. Let harden.

Goose liver terrine

Clean and devein the foie gras. Soak in milk for 12 hours. Take out of the milk and dry with cloth.Marinade with cognac, sugar, sea salt, port wine and allspice for 12 hours. Then bake at 60* for 10 minutes. Wrap in a food wrap, freeze.Chip before serving.

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