7 pcs matsutake mushrooms,thinly shaved

12g butternut squash

20g squash sspuma

5g parmesan

2g chives

60g smoked barley

5g crushed hazelnuts

3g chestnuts

4g mushroom consomme

1g scallion oil

3 pcscarrot flowers

2 pcstansy


10 pcs matsutake mushrooms

500g mushroom consomme

Squash espuma

1kg butternut squash

200g mascarpone

4g nutmeg

1g xantham

12g salt

30g honey

Smoked barley

250g barley

500g vegetable stock

20g salt

20g cherry wood chips

Mushroom consomme

1kg dried Shitake

5L cold water

7g salt


Matsutake mushrooms

Clean stem and cap from mushrooms and poach in stock for 10mins.Remove from stock and freeze mushrooms.Slice on deli slicer 1mm thin and place on sizzle platter.With blow tourch burn mushroom.Once cooled store between parchment paper.

Squash espuma

Remove seed from squah and roast in oven at 200f for 2 hours.Remove flesh from skin and place in vita prep.Add remaing ingredients and puree till smooth.Pass through a fine tamis.Warm puree up and place in isi gun and charge with 2 chargers.

Smoked barley

Place wood chips in aluminum foil and warm on flat top.Light chips on fire with blow tourch.Once smokeing place wood chip in perforated pan with barley sitting on top.Allow to smoke for 2 hrs. keep relighting chips every 30 mins.Once smoked remove barley and place in 4in hotel pan.Bring the vegetable stock and salt to a boil and pour over the barley.Cover with aluminium foil.Bake in the oven for 25 minutes at 375 degrees.Cool down.

Mushroom consomme

Simmer Shitakes in water and reduce to 1L.Strain through a super bag.Season with salt.

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