Serves 2 to 6 people


Matsuba crab, live, from San-in

Japanese matsutake mushrooms

Yuzu citrus

Chinese cabbage

Ito mitsuba stem

Kombu kelp

Japanese Sake

Soy sauce


Cut the matsutake mushrooms into slices. Next cut the Yuzu citrus. remove the leg from living matsuba crab. Steam the body and remove the flesh. Wrap the flesh in the chinese cabbage and tie with the mitsuba stem. Blanch the leg and remove from the
shell. prepare a dashi with the shell of the crab, water, japanese sake and kombu kelp. Season with the soy sauce. in an individual hot pot, place the matsutake mushrooms, yuzu, the crab flesh wrapped in chinese cabbage and add the dashi. cook the leg in a shabu-shabu style, by boiling it lightly before serving with the rest of the dish.

Note |In Seiji’s cuisine, the ingredients are different everyday. Depending on the characteristics of each product, different quantities of the ingredients are used to adjust the balance of the dish. Consequently, the recipes don’t contain any measurements.