Amalfi lemon

1 large Amalfi lemon

50g lemongrass

3g leaves of tarragon

125g lemon juice

75g lime juice

200g sugar

7g fresh ginger

Codium Crème

125g codium algae, blanched soft

60g egg white

30g sushi seasoning

30g yuzu juice

10g wasabi paste

100g grapeseed oil

100g green coriander oil

White soy sauce for seasoning

Sushi rice

275g sushi rice, washed and dried

400g water

8g salt

Sugar, rice vinegar, lime oil

Potato purée

25g butter

Sugar, salt

375g carrots, diced

25g yuzu butter

8g peeled lemons

45g peeled oranges

1g fresh ginger

½ sticks of lemongrass, coarsely chopped

75g mandarin purée

Plenty of fond blanc for topping up

Yuzu lemon oil, beurre noisette and nutmeg for seasoning

Algae beurre blanc

250g champagne

200g salted butter

125g algae butter

Some green algae oil

Marron crayfish

1 large, live marron crayfish

Lemon oil, salt, beurre noisette

To serve

Blanched, finely julienned yellow and orange carrots




Amalfi lemon

Peel the Amalfi lemon and finely dice the white pieces of peel. Bring the diced lemon to the boil together with the other ingredients, then vacuum-pack and leave to marinate cold.

Codium Crème

Whisk all ingredients into a creamy emulsion, then season with white soy sauce.

Sushi rice

Add the sushi rice to some salted water and leave to steam for 16 minutes at 100°C. Loosen, then marinate warm in a vinaigrette of sugar, rice vinegar and lime oil.

Potato purée

Whisk some sugar, salt and butter into a foam and sweat the carrots. Add the remaining ingredients and bring to the boil. Occasionally top up with fond blanc until the carrots are cooked. Mix everything together, strain, then season with yuzu lemon oil, beurre noisette, nutmeg and salt.

Algae beurre blanc

Reduce the champagne to 150 g. Gradually stir in the salted butter and heat it up. Then mix with the cold algae butter. To finish, season with some green algae oil and whisk into a foam.

Marron crayfish

Cook the crayfish for 5 minutes at 70°C, then cut in half lengthwise and steep under a heat lamp with some lemon oil and salt. Remove the meat from the claws and cut into small pieces. Crack the tails out of their shells, brush with beurre noisette and cut into four pieces.

To serve

Brush some potato purée onto four plates using a mould. Alongside place one slice of marron crayfish, baby carrots, sliced carrots and diced Amalfi lemon, then garnish with mixed algae tips. Sprinkle some lemon zest powder next to it. Fill each filo pastry cone with sushi rice, some codium crème and tartar of crayfish claw meat. Garnish the cones with julienne carrots, finger lime and chive rolls. Serve the algae beurre blanc separately and drizzle over the marron crayfish at the table.

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