2 x mackerel fillets



1 kg salt

500g sugar

10g Sancho pepper

60g coriander seeds

30g Szechuan pepper

Lime zest

360g mizkan

120g water


1tbspsoya sauce



1tbspkafir lime

Sesame ice cream

225g black sesame seeds

200g sugar

100g water


112g cream

50g milk powder

40g dextrose

40g trimolin

5g stabilizer


Passion fruit savarin

40g dashistake stock

20g sugar

30g miso paste

30g fresh passion fruit juice

10g yuzu juice

2g salt

50g cream

1 eggyolk


40g crème cru

2.6g jota



Teriyaki sauce

160g mirin

160g sugar

144g soysauce (low-salt)

20g passion fruit fresh

80g ginger fresh

80g lemongrass

2 kafir lime

12g red Curry paste



1 sweet seaweed

500g seaweedwater

120g fresh passion fruit

30g soysauce

15g sugar

3g salt

80g mizkan


Mussel sauce

1 onion

1 carrot

1 garlic

60golive oil

4 Szechuan pepper

8 black pepper

2 thyme

3 bay leaves


60g sake

60g Noily prat

50g soysauce

100g water

50g mizkan

50g mirin


Caramelised sesame

225g black sesame

200g sugar

100g water

White balsamico




Mix the salt, Sancho pepper and sugar. Pestle the coriander and Szechuan pepper, and add it tothe mixture, along with the lime zest. Marinatethe underside of themackerel for30 mins.Peel the citrus fruits und cut them into slides. Mixing everything and let it for 12h.Filter, salt the mackerel and marinatefor 20 min.


Sesame ice cream

Roast the sesame seeds.Boil the sugar and water to 117°C. Put the sesame seeds in the sugar water and then stir slowly until the mixture turns a creamy white. Reduce the temperature byhalf and stir the sesame untilcaramelized. Allow the mixture to cool.Bring the milk and cream in the Thermomix to 50°C. Put the last ingredients to it and bringit to 85°C. Mix the sesame under and vacuumed for 24h – Pacojet. Fill in small ball forms.


Passion fruit savarin

Roast20 shitake mushrooms and then add to the dashi stockto it and let it mix for 10 mins beforefiltering out the mushrooms. Next put all the remainingingredients together in the Thermomix and bring it to 50°C.Boil the cream, jota and crème cru and add to the thermomix. Dissolve the gelatin in the thermomix. Sieveand pour the mixture into thesavarin mold. Refridgerate for at least two hours.


Teriyaki sauce
Boil together the mirin, sugar, soy sauce and the flesh of the passion fruit. Cut the ginger and lemongrass into chunks before grinding with a pestle. Add thezest of thelime and the curry paste to the liquid and then combine with the pulp before leaving to mix for30 minutes. When ready to use make sure youfilter the mixture.



Wash the alga. Use the water from washing for the marinade. Mix everything and marinated the alga.


Scallop chips

Vacuumthe scallop overnight in theteriyaki sauce. Freeze every single scallop in the film.Cut them in thin slicesand then dehydrate until needed.


Mussel sauce

Cut the vegetables in small cubes and roasted them with the olive oil, spice and mussels. Addthe sake, noilly prat to it. After that, boilthe soya sauce and water for 10 mins. Filter, and pour inthe mizkan and the mirin.


Caramelised sesame

Roast the sesame. Boil the water and sugar by 117°C. Keep the sesame slowly to the sugar, stir slowly until it’s white. Cut the temperature to half and stir the sesame under the sugar and caramelized. Keep it cool. Looking for white pieces and keep them out.