Serves 4


Tangerine cream

300g tangerine juice

200g sugar

5 eggs

4 sheets of gelatine

375g butter

Tangerine sorbet

260ml water

100g glucose powder

285g sugar

1kg tangerine pulp

Cep sand

100g softened, unsalted butter

50g white granulated sugar

100g plain flour (type 55)

50g powdered ceps

4g table salt

Tangerine foam

2 sheets of gelatine (3,4 g each)

500ml tangerine juice

50g icing sugar

Tangerine Balloon

2g xanthan gum

0,5g orange food colouring

500g tangerine juice

20 balloons

To Garnish

100 tangerine tree leaves (5 per plate)


Tangerine cream

Heat the juice, sugar and eggs in a double-boiler (to 83 ºC).Then place in a bowl and whisk.When the mixture is at 50ºC add the soaked gelatine, followed by the softened butter.Place plastic wrap directly on the mixture and place it in the refrigerator.As soon as the mixture is cold, spoon it into a piping bag fitted with a flat nozzle and set aside until serving.

Tangerine sorbet

Place water, glucose and sugar in a saucepan, heat to form a syrup until it reaches a temperature of 107 ºC.Add the tangerine pulp.Place the mixture in a Pacojet beaker and then into the freezer cell.Leave in the beaker in the freezer for at least 24 hours.2 hours before serving, blend in the Pacojet and store in the freezer.

Cep sand

In a medium-size bowl, mix all the ingredients than knead by hand until even.Sprinkle water on the work surface and spread out a layer of cling film. Place half of the dough on top and with the aid of the film make a roll about 15cm long. Press gently to keep it firm. Repeat the procedure with the other half of the dough. Set aside the rolls in the refrigerator until firm (1 hour, approximately).Remove from the refrigerator, unwrap and grate in a grater (finest side).Place the shavings on a baking tray lined with greaseproof paper and cook for 30 minutes in a pre-heated oven at 130 ºC.Take out the oven, leave to cool and set aside at room temperature in a labelled plastic container until serving.

Tangerine foam

Soak the gelatine in a bowl with water and ice.Heat 100ml of juice in a small bowl over a medium flame until it reaches 50 ºC. Add the sugar and drained gelatine.In a medium-size bowl add the mixture to the remaining juice and whisk.Place in a whipping siphon with 3 cartridges and store in the refrigerator until serving.

Tangerine balloon

In a beaker mix the xanthan gum with the colouring.In another beaker place half the juice and blend with a hand blender. Add the gum and colouring a bit at a time, blending constantly. Add the remaining juice and blend again.Pour the mixture into a bowl and place the bowl in the vacuum machine to remove air. Place the mixture in a feeding bottle.Fill each balloon with 28 to 35g of the mixture. Fill a bowl with nitrogen and dip the ballons in it.As soon as they are stiff, place in the freezer (drawer) until serving.

To serve

On a plate, use the tangerine cream to make a base. Surround with the leaves and the cep sand.Immediately before serving, remove a balloon from the freezer, peel off the balloon and make a cavity with a knife.Fill with foam.Place the filled sphere on top of the cream with the cavity facing down.Complete with a ball of tangerine sorbet on the side. Serve at once.

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