Serves 4-6



2 x 600g Maine lobster

Burnt shallot oil


Makauy peppercorn condiment

100g Makauy peppercorn

600g shallot, chopped

300g sherry vinegar

200g fruity extra virgin olive oil


Pomelo rind confit

5 pcs pomelo rind, cut into julienne

100g sugar

100g water

Oil bath


Lobster stock

500g lobster head

150g onion

150g carrot

50g garlic

70g shallot

25g tomato paste

6g coriander seed

1 Kaffir limeleaf

1/2 lemongrass

1.5L water

1.5L Chicken stock

Pomelo rind

Lemon juice


Air-dried cauliflower espuma

20g air-dried cauliflower

250g cream

40g cauliflower puree


Champagne vinegar



Baby sorrel sprouts

Fresh pomelo

Organic cauliflower, sliced




Remove the lobster tail and mitt from the shell. Confit the lobster in the burnt shallot oil at 60 degrees. And finish the cooking in the oven of 190 degrees for 2 minutes.


Makauy peppercorn condiment

Toast the Makauy peppercorn in an oven at 140℃ until the aroma isreleased.Crush the Makauy peppercorn with a mallet.In a saute pan, heat some olive oil than add the chopped shallotsto sweat without getting colour.Deglaze with sherry vinegar and reduce gently to almost dry. Add in the crushed Makauy peppercorn and mix.Remove from the heat and add in the rest of olive oil.


Pomelo rind confit

Blanch the pomelo rind from the cold water. Then confit it with lightsyrup over night.Wipe dry the rind and deep-fry at 150 degrees till crispy.


Lobster stock

Remove the gills from lobster head and cut the head into quarters.Place shallots and the lobster head on a tray in a single layer anddrizzle some vegetable oil.Transfer tray to a salamander or an oven. Roast the lobster shellsuntil they are slightly burnt.Toast the coriander seed at 140℃ until the aromareleases.In a big rondeau. Melt the butter and caramelize the diced carrotand onion slowly. Add the tomato paste and cook for a few minutes.Add the roasted lobster head, tomato paste, water and chicken stockinto the pot.Bring mixture to a boil then lower the heat and allow it to simmer.Skim and add in the coriander seed, Kaffir leaf, and lemongrass.Allow to simmer for one hour. Crush slightly and strain through finechinois.Before serving, infuse the pomelo rind for 10 minutes. Reheat andseason with salt and some lemon juice.


Air-dried cauliflower espuma

Combine the aged sundried cauliflower and cream together. Place themin sous-vide bag and cook sous-vide at 85 degrees for 6 hours.Discard the sundried cauliflower and keep only the cooking liquid.Mix the cooking cream with cooked cauliflower in a blender. Season withchampagne vinegar and some salt. Strain with fine chinois and pour intosiphon bottle. Charge twice. Keep in hot water bath until just before serving.