Serves 10



5 mackerels

250g salt

250g sugar


Quinoa real

2 tarragon sprigs

50g quinoa

8g sushi vinegar

5g olive oil




Tarragon oil

½ bunch of tarragon

250ml soy oil


Tarragon mayonnaise

100g egg white

25g Chardonnay vinegar

8g salt

250g tarragon oil


Tomato water

250g honey


1/4 bunch of chervil

2 garlic cloves

1/4 bunch of parsley

3 sprigs of mint

100ml water



20 leaves


Broth of tomato and strawberry

90g sun-dried tomatoes

300ml tomato water

320g strawberries

6g salt

15g sherry vinegar

10g red wine vinegar

4g basil

3g red pepper

8g lemon juice

1g xantana




Clean and fillet the mackerel, then mix the salt and sugar. Pickle the mackerel for 5 minutes. Rinse the mackerel, dry the filets on kitchen paper. Freeze in plastic sheet.


Quinoa real

Cook the quinoa in water with salt. Allow the quinoa to chill in fridge. Chop the tarragon and mix this with the quinoa. Flavour the quinoa with the other ingredients.


Tarragon oil (for the tarragon mayonnaise)

Blanch the tarragon, then mix the oil and the tarragon in the thermo blender until it’s a green oil and has taken on the flavour of tarragon.


Tarragon mayonnaise

Use the ingredients to make the mayonnaise


Tomato water (the basis for the broth of tomato)

Remove the green of the tomato and cut it in half. Pick the mint, parsley and chervil. Clean the garlic and mix everything in the thermo blender. Pass the mixture through a cloth applying a little bit of pressure on the cloth.



Paste on the end of the mackerel.


Broth of tomato and strawberry

Mix the tomato, tomato juice, strawberries, salt, vinegar and red pepper. Add the basil and use the thermo blender. Keep the broth in a cloth overnight. Squeeze out he last juices from the cloth. Take 300ml of the broth and mix it together with the xantana. Strain in a fine conical strainer and remove the bubble in a vacuum machine.