Citrus fluid gel

500gassorted citrus juices, balanced to be tart and complex

5glow acyl gellan


Mackerel cure

Filet of spring mackerel, de-boned

Kosher salt

Unseasoned rice wine vinegar


To serve

Blanched asparagus

Assorted citrus segments: blood orange, pomelo and a tart tangelo

Sesame oil

Toasted nori, chiffonade

Toasted chili threads



Citrus fluid gel

Heat juice over medium high and bring to simmer. Shear in low acyl and whisk while boiling for 1 minute. Transfer to container and let set completely in fridge. Once cooled through, place in blender and purée on high until smooth. Strain through a chinois and transfer to a squeeze bottle to serve.


Mackerel cure

Scatter an even layer of kosher salt on a tray lined with parchment. Place filet skin side down on top of salt. Sprinkle another layer of salt over the flesh of the fish and then let cure for 13 minutes. Rinse the filet in cold water and put into a container of the rice wine vinegar, completely submerged, skin side down. Let cure in vinegar for 15 minutes. Remove and drain. Hold in refrigeration until serving.


To serve

Place 3-5 dots of the citrus gel around the center of the plate. Split the asparagus tip and cross pieces over the citrus gel. Place 3 of the citrus segments in and around the asparagus. Slice the cured mackerel and place on top of the asparagus and citrus. Add a light drizzle of the sesame oil over all ingredients. Finish with the toasted nori threads and a few of the chili threads.