Makes 30, 5cm diameter macaron


Macaron base

300g ground almonds

300g icing sugar

110g Egg whites

Italian meringue

110g egg whites

300g caster sugar

55g Water


100g egg whites

180g caster sugar

60g water

200g unsalted butter, soft


Macaron base

In a mixing machine bowl, mix all the ingredients together until smooth.

Italian meringue

Place the egg whites into a mixing machine bowl, begin to whisk on a low speed.Place the caster sugar and water together in a pan and cook the sugar to soft ball 118C, when the sugar has reach 105C increase the speed on the egg whites and stabilise the meringue with 20g caster sugar.Once the boiling sugar has reached 118C, reduce the speed of the egg whites and pour the sugar gently over the egg whites.Increase the speed and mix for 1 minute, stop the machine and add in colour if required. Turn on the speed again and whisk until the meringue has cooled to blood temperature and is thick and fluffy.Mix one third of the Italian meringue into the tot base until Smoot and incorporated.Mix in another third, again until smooth and then finally mix in the final third. Mix until the mixture is smooth and shiny.Place the mixture into a piping bag with a 10mm diameter plain piping nozzle (tip).Pipe 45mm diameter bulbs onto a tray lined with either a non-stick baking mat or silicone baking paper.Allow to sit on out for 30 minutes so that a dry skin forms on the top of the macaroni. Meanwhile preheat the oven to 130°c.Place dried macaroons into the pre heated oven and coœ for 17-18 minutes until they just peel of the tray. Allow to cool and then match the sizes for a top and a bottom. Fill with your desired filling and then close.


Place theegg whites into a machine bowl and whisk on a moderate speed. Meanwhile place the caster sugar and water into a pan and boil until the temperature reaches 118°c, gently pour over the whacking egg whites.Increase the speed and whisk the egg whites until the meringue reaches blood temperature, gradually mix in the soft butter and whisk until smooth and fluffy.Add any flavour or colour required.

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