Spice mix

3tbs pumpkin seed

2tbs sliced almond

1tbs coriander seed

1tbs fenugreek

2tbs sesame seed

2pcs cardamom

Tomato marinade

20 ripe tomato diced

20 stalks lemongrass,sliced

10tbs honey

10tbs soy

10 tbs spice mix

Lobster stock

6.5lbs cleaned lobster bodies

2.25lbs peeled carrots

1.5lbs celery

1.75lbs onion

4oz tomato paste

2gal water


6L lobster stock

3 bunch mint

Lobster butter

Green lobster roe


To serve

1 whole lobster blanched out of shell

Baby pea shoots

1 toast with salted butter

Cooked lobster eggs


Spice mix

Warm and grind. Reserve.

Tomato marinade

Warm mixture, cover and let marinate 24 hours.

Lobster stock

Roast bodies, carrots, celery and onion until caramelized and combine all in pot. Bring to simmer and cook for 30 minutes. Strain through chinois.


Bring lobster stock, tomato marinade and mint to a boil. Let infuse for 15 minutes and then strain.

Lobster butter

Mix 1 part raw lobster eggs to 1 part soft butter. Blend well, wrap in cling lm and reserve.

To serve

Heat lobster with butter in oven. When cooked season with white pepper, salt and lime juice. Heat sauce and nish with lobster butter and lime juice. Place lobster on top of buttered bread. Garnish top with pea shoots. Sprinkle with lobster eggs. Serve sauce on side.

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