1 lobster tail

100g cauliflower

1 liquorice root stick

50g cream

150g butter

5-6 brussels sprout leaves

3-4 grapefruit segments

5g Sevruga caviar

3-4 pinches of micro herbs

1 edible gold leaf


Make butter sauce by heating up 50 grams of cooking cream with a liquorice root stick(do not boil). Add cold butter cubes, piece by piece, constantly stirring using a whisk. Keep it warm.

Make cauliflower puree. Cook cauliflower in salted water, until soft. Discard water and blend cauliflower in a blender with 50 grams of cold butter. Add salt to taste.

Blanch Brussels sprout leaves in salted boiling water for 1 minute. Transfer them in ice water immediately.

Poach lobster tail in butter for about 5 to 7 minutes (internal temperature should be about 140 degree F). Transfer lobster tail into butter sauce.

Segment a grapefruit.

In a deep serving plate, make a pillow of cauliflower puree. Arrange lobster tail on top, drizzle with some butter sauce. Garnish with Brussels sprout leaves, grapefruit segments, edible gold leaf and sevruga caviar. Finish with micro-herbs.

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