The Juice

4kg green Raff tomatoes

200g aloe vera pulp soaked in 3 water baths

600ml Arbequina olive oil

1l mineral water

10g sprigs oregano

30g sprigs mint

15g fennel

30g common basil

10g lemon basil

5 giant green shiso leaves

10g hydrated Mertensia maritima leaves

20g lemon verbena

15g chervil

3g tarragon

10g sherry vinegar

10g cava vinegar

35g Stevia


salt flakes

black pepper

The Crustaceans

1 lobster (500g)

4 prawns (50g each)

2 langoustines (200g each)

300ml mild Arbequina olive oil

12g rosemary

6g oregano

16g Mertensia maritima

4g lemon verbena

6 juniper berries

8g lemon peel


salt flakes

black pepper


Puréeall of the ingredients and then run through a juicer.Repeat this step 3 times and press well, obtaining all of the juice from the plants and causing the release of the herbs’ essential oils.Add salt to taste then refrigerate.Clean the crustaceans and extract their meat.Set aside on separate trays.Infuse the oil with the herbs. Marinate the crustaceans in the oil as if it were ceviche.Chop the crustaceans in a natural way, following the direction of their meat.

To serve

Just before serving, drain well and season with a salt flake.On a deep plate with a small base, arrange alternate medallions of the different crustaceans with tomato wedges.Arrange the herb leaves and flowers over the top. Finish by serving the very cold juice.