“Linden is an amazing flower of a tree with same name that represents our cuisine too. It is mostly used for tea. This time we wanted to show our respect to the flower and share the taste we designed for you.” ChefMaksut Aşkar



170 gr sugar

120 ml linden water

4 egg whites

500 gr cream

100 gr linden flower

Linden jelly

300 ml linden water

5 pcs gelatin sheets

Bitter Almond Crumble

70 gr powder almonds

30 gr powder hazelnuts

150 gr sugar

75 gr egg white



Boil the linden over 500 ml of water for 15 minutes. Mix the cream and linden powder and cool. Boil the linden water until it reaches 120°C.

Beat the egg whites. Add the sugar and linden mixture into egg whites. Mix the cream and egg mixture into each other. Pour over the mould. Freeze.

Linden jelly

Soak the gelatin in cold water until soft. Pour linen water and gelatin on heat. Mix until gelatin is dissolved. Pour over the mould. Put into the fridge after it reaches room temperature.

Bitter Almond Crumble

Mix all ingredients and cook until the sugar is dissolved. Once cold, pour onto a tray and cook for 35 min in 130°C oven. Crumble after it is cold.