Serves 4


Coconut & lemon parfait

100g coconut milk

25g sugar

12g egg white

80g double cream

2g gelatine

Juice and zest of ½ lime

Citrus Ganache

50g lime juice

12g sugar

16g cream

Zest of 1 lemon

100g melted Jivara dark chocolate

3g trimoline (invert sugar)


90g fondant

60g glucose

15g isomalt

8g brittle nougat

Malibu ivory ganache

60g cream

6g glucose

4g trimoline (invert sugar)

120g melted Jivara white chocolate

180g longlife cream

20g Malibu

Pineapple sorbet

½ pineapple flesh

200g coconut milk mix

4g super neutrose (ice cream stabilizer agent)

¼ lemon (zest of)


Coconut & lemon parfait

Place the sugar and egg white in a bowl over a bain marie to 80 °c, remove from the heat and whisk to soft peak.Slightly heat the lime juice and dissolve the gelatineSemi whip the cream and add the coconut milk, carefully mix in the lime juice.Fold the meringue into the cream and coconut milk mixture, keep in the fridge

Citrus Ganache

Heat the lime juice, sugar and trimoline, pour over the chocolate and lemon zest, blend to a shiny ganache and fold in the cream.


Boil the fondant, glucose and Isomalt to 152°C.Poor on a silpat and sprinkle the brittle nougat over.Allow to cool and blitz to a fine powder.

Malibu ivory ganache

Boil cream, glucose and trimoline.Pour over chocolate and mix well.Add cream and Malibu and blitz.

Pineapple sorbet

Boil the pineapple flesh with Super Neutrose, blitz with the coconut milk and lemon zest.Freeze in an ice cream machine and store.

To serve

Cut the parfait in to 11cm by 3, place the cut parfait on the place.Carefully pipe on an even layer of the citrus ganache on top.Finish with a chocolate block so this looks like a sandwich.Place this on its side in the middle of the plate.Pipe 3 dots of the ivory ganache on top and put a roche of pineapple sorbet on top.Finish with the opaline nougatine disc.

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