Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants

03 Sep 2014
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Yesterday, the 50 best restaurants in Latin America were revealed in all their culinary might, and we give you all 50 of them…

With the culinary world watching Latin America yesterday, the top 50 restaurants were revealed. Peru and Brazil stand strong at the forefront of the list, but Mexico is certainly breaking through in numbers…

#1 | Central,Peru | Virgilio Martínez &Pía León

Showcasing Peruvian cuisine and ingredients, and have taken the world – let alone Latin America by storm. Having travelled throughout some of the most prestigious kitchens around the globe,and- partners in work and in life – launched Central in Lima in 2009. Their creativity and culinary excellence has since wowed everyone.

Ca. Santa Isabel 376, Miraflores, Lima |+51 1 242 8515 |

#2 | Astrid yGastón, Peru |Diego Muñoz

Illustrious for the culinary movement that it sparked,Astrid yGastón was founded 20 years ago by Astrid Gutsche and, and is now under the hand of ChefDiego Muñoz. Celebrating Peruvian cuisine and ingredients,Muñoz translated dreams into creative story-telling menus, enabling guests to discover Peru in mouthfuls.

Av. Paz Soldán 290, San Isidro, Lima | +51 1 442 2775|

#3 | D.O.M, Brazil | Alex Atala

Now a rockstar of the culinary world, has brought Brazil to the forefront of gastronomy. Having opened theSão Paulo-based restaurant in 1999, searchesBrazil and the Amazon for indigenous ingredients that he can translate to the world’s palate. His research and devotion to his native country is unmissable in his imaginative and progressive cuisine.

Rua Barão de Capanema 549, Jardins, São Paulo | +55 11 3088 0761 |

#4 | Mani, Brazil |Helena Rizzo and Daniel Redondo

Maní combines fine dining cuisine and avant-garde ideas with comfort food, with -Veuve ClicquotLatin America’s Best Female Chef 2013 -and Daniel Redondo at its helm. Despite a strong sense of multicultural influences, theSão Paulo-based restaurant stays true to its country of residence, and pays homage to Brazil’s cuisine and ingredients throughout. After all, Mani is the goddess of cassava – an indispensible Brazilian ingredient.

#5 |Boragó|Rodolfo Guzmán

Representing Chile in the Latin American 50 Best, ‘s restaurantBoragó gives a true sense of the country’s biodiversity and culinary traditions. Having trained in Spain,returned to his native country to rediscover its produce and techniques, which translate into unique and exciting dishes. Foraging, harvesting and exploring Chile’s unbelievably varyinglandscapes keeps a visit to Boragó a one-of-a-kind experience.

#6 | Pujol, Mexico|

#7 | Maido, Peru |Mitsuharu Tsumura

#8 | Biko, Mexico |, Gerard Bellver and Bruno Oteiza

#9 | Tegui, Argentina |Germán Martitegui

#10 | Quintolin, Mexico |

#11 | Malabar, Peru |Pedro Miguel Schiaffino

#12 |Mocotó, Brazil |

#13 |Roberta Sudbrack, Brazil |Roberta Sudbrack

#14 |Aramburu, Argentina |Gonzalo Aramburu

#15 | La Mar, Peru |Anthony Vasquez

#16 | Tarquino, Argentina |Dante Liporace

#17 |Parador La Huella, Uruguay |Alejandro Morales

#18 |El Baqueano, Argentina |Fernando Rivarola

#19 | Pangea, Mexico |Guillermo González Beristáin

#20 | Fiesta, Peru |Héctor Solís

#21 | Chila, Argentina |María Soledad Nardelli

#22 | La Cabrera, Argentina |Gastón Riveira

#23 | Tomo 1, Argentina |Federico Fialayre

#24 | Sud 777, Mexico |Edgar Nuñez

#25 | Manzanilla, Mexico |Solange Muris and Benito Molina

#26 | MeroToro, Mexico |Jair Téllez

#27 | Rafael, Peru |Rafael Osterling

#28 | Alto, Venezuela |Carlos García

#29 | Oviedo, Argentina |Ramón Benito Chiliguay

#30 | Osaka, Chile |Ciro Watanabe

#31 |La Picantería, Peru |Héctor Solís

#32 | Gusto, Bolivia |Kamilla Seidler

#33 | Rosetta, Mexico |Elena Reygadas

#34 |Remanso do Bosque, Brazil |

#35 |Olympe, Brazil |Thomas and Claude Troisgros

#36| Epice, Brazil |

#37 |Ambrosía, Chile |Carolina Bazán Bañados

#38 | Attimo, Brazil |Jefferson Rueda

#39 |Criterión, Colombia |Jorge Rausch

#40 |Francis Mallmann 1884, Argentina |Orlando Díaz Masa

#41 | Amaranta, Mexico |Pablo Salas

#42 |Corazón de Tierra, Mexico |Diego Hernández

#43 |Harry Sasson, Colombia |Harry Sasson

#44 | Fasano, Brazil |Luca Gozzani

#45 | La Bourgogne, Uruguay |Jean-Paul Bondoux

#46 | El Cielo, Colombia |Juan Manuel Barrientos

#47 | Sucre, Argentina |Fernando Trocca

#48 | Elena, Argentina |Juan Gaffuri

#49 | Leo Cocina y Cava, Colombia |Leonor Espinosa

#50 | Pura Tierra, Argentina |Martín Molteni

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