Condensed Mushroom Fluid Gel

4.8k Swiss Brown Mushrooms

32g Table salt

900g Mushroom Juice reduction

300g Veal Jus

13.2 Gellan

80g caster sugar

100g white soy

Soy Mirin to taste

Pickled shiitake

360g water

72g forum chardonnay vinegar

4.8 g salt

4.8g sugar

72g soy mirin

100g dried shiitake

To serve

Raw shiitake, sliced

Whole shiitake

White soy/mirin seasoning

Pickled shiitake, sliced

Puffed faro

Freeze dried morel

Fried kale

Lamb stock reduction


Condensed Mushroom Fluid Gel

Blend mushrooms in Robot Coupe until fine in small batches. Add salt to blended mushroom in large Gastro and toss until evenly dispersed. Hang mixture over fine service cloth/Chux. Hang for 24-48 hours.Take 1500g of mushroom juice and reduce over low heat to 900g keep aside.

Combine soy and sugar in a small pan over low heat Dissolve and set aside. Bring mushroom and jus together in Thermomix to 85C on speed 3. Add Gellan and blend on speed 8 for 3 mins. Ensure the Gellan is completely incorporated and dissolved. Chill in large gastro until approximately2-4C.Blend set gel together with soy/caster mix on speed 8 for approximately3 mins.Ensure that gel has been broken down and is not grainy or ‘gummy’.Vac gel down in an open deep bowl to remove any air bubbles, a few times if needed.

Pickled shiitake

Rinse the shiitake in water.Warm the pickle lightly to dissolve then vacuum pack to hydrate the mushroom

Cooking of the lamb

Set the Gagganau oven to fan forced 80C.Season and seal the lamb rack.Cook on an oven rack, set in the middle of the oven, probed until the internal temperature reaches 54C.Carve the lamb off the bone and glaze with foaming butter, a little fresh thyme & garlic.Set aside to rest for a few minutes while you get together the garnish.


Cook the whole shiitake gently in a little butter and soy mirin until tender.Carve the lamb and place in the centre of the plate, seasoning with sea salt.Top the lamb with a glazed shiitake, 3 slices of raw & pickled shiitake, some farro and fried kale.Pool the condensed mushroom condiment next to the lamb andglaze the lamb with a little lamb stock reduction.Crush over a small amount of freeze dried morel.