5 kohada fillets, thinly sliced

Nori cracker

5 sheets Vietnamese rice paper

1 packet nori sheets, blended to fine powder

2g salt

5 eggs, yolk removed

Avocado Puree

5 avocados

100ml lime juice

7g salt

1-3g green food coloring (depending on colour of avocado)

Sesame salt

100g white sesame seeds

5g salt

To serve

Sesame seed oil caviar

Black radishes, sliced

Dashi vinegar


Nori cracker

Blend the nori, salt and egg whites until light and fluffy. Brush the paste onto the Vietnamese rice paper and leave it to air dry. Once dried, fry the sheets in a pan of clean smoking oil heated to 190C.

Avocado puree

Remove the flesh of the avocado and blend with the lime juice, salt and a few drops of green food colouring. Store and cool quickly to prevent oxidation.

Sesame salt

Toast the sesame seeds and mix with the fine salt. Set aside until required.

To serve

Place the nori cracker, sliced kohada and avocado purée on a plate and garnish with sesame salt, sesame seed oil caviar, black radish slices and dashi vinegar.