“Kobu-Jime” Halfbeak


Hamaguri clam

Gomadashi emulsion

10g Gomadashi (local seasoning with grilled fish with sesame and soy sauce )

30g white sesame oil emulsion

Dekopon vinaigrette

40g Dekopon(mandarin) chopped pulpe

20g Lemon vinaigrette (2 of lemon juice, 5 of water, 10 of olive oil)

2g chopped shallot



Slice Sayori into small fillet and place it onto Kombu (lightly wiped by wet towel) for five minutes.


Steamed the hamaguriwith sake and cool down. Set aside until use.

Burdock puree

Peel the burdock and slice it into roughly 2~3mm. Dressit with white sesame oil until its well coated. Place in a blender and blendwithsesame oil (10% weight of sauteed burdock) into rough puree. Season it with salt.

To serve

Line the place with burdock puree using asilicon brush. Thenplace the slicedhamaguri clam, sayori, gomadashi emulsion, dekopon vinaigrette, olive oil. Finished with shiso leaves and land-cress.

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