Knives made in Germany

17 Sep 2014
2 min read
FOUR takes a tour through a very special knife manufactury.

When asked what their favourite kitchen utensil is, most chefs will say their knife. On top of that,many chefs will put their whole trust into one knife that serves them all the way through their careers.

One such knife comes from Germany and has been serving three-Michelin-star chef Dieter Müller. To understand why the legendary chef trusts in this knife, we take a look around the factory. And from the moment we set foot into the manufactory, it’s clear that aesthetics, precision and passion flows through every member of staff and into their product.

Every knife is handmade and we watch the blacksmith do his work – calm and without looking left or right, he works away, shaping knives out of raw steel.

Also the handles are made by hand, making each and every piece unique.

After the tour through the factory, we get a taste of what it’s like to handle these works of art. Dieter Müller shows us how to split hairs with the knife and it’s a joy to see the sparkle in his eyes as he treats every piece of vegetable or meatwith the utmost respect, love and attention.

Now it’s time to try it for ourselves: suddenly it becomes clear how much of a difference a good knife makes to professional chefs. We cut through the skin of a tomato like it’s butter!

It’s a joy to experience and the guided tour and workshop areopen to anyone interested in Nesmuk.

We also get to see Nesmuk’s brand new product, the Folder, a folding knife with the elegance and precision of every Nesmuk knife, and which gourmets can take with them on the go. The Folder is available inthe patterns Exclusive, Janus and Soul and comes with 12 varieties of handles made of black jade, tigeriron, silver, hammerblow-silver or lapis lazuli. Something for every taste. Prices for the new Folder start at€490and prices for the hand-made damask knifes range from€1,980-€4,980, including a free re-sharpening service of 30 years.

Each Nesmuk knife is unique and visiting this high-end manufacturer, it becomes clear that a good knife is worth every penny when it’s made with precision and passion and produces such exceptional results.