200gr Kampachi amberjack

30gr Mentaiko cured cod roe

15gr Umeboshi paste

2 shiso leaves

White sesame oil


Sea salt

Bamboo skewers

Dried umeboshi

Sudachi zest and juice


Cut the back the Kampachi fillet into two 100gsquare pieces, with skin intact. Cut ¾ through the flesh side and slather 15 gr of cod roe onto each piece. Spread 5gof umeboshi paste on the flesh side, using the paste to adhere one shiso leave to each piece of fish. Place two bamboo skewers into the fish on either side with enough room to cut between and have the fish be balanced over the charcoal. Brush all sides of the fish and shiso with white sesame oil and season with salt. Place the sake into a spray bottle and mist the fish. Begin grilling the fish skin side down; once the skin is golden, turn on each smaller side, finishing with the front with the shiso leaf. Continuously spray with sake as to not burn the shiso. Cooking to medium, where still pink in the center, should take approx. 3-4 minutes. Cut down the center and garnish with a sprinkle of dried umeboshi and sudachi juice and zest.

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