Lime sauce

35g mineral water

30g sugar

32g lime juice

2 sheets of gelatin

Lime zest

Lemon creme

18g lemon juice

7g cream 35%

0.6g lemon zest

16g sugar

8g dextrose

20g whole egg

15g butter

15g cocoa butter

Pine parfait

40g egg yolk

27g mineral water

24g pine needles

10g sugar

3g fondant

37g whipped cream

3g grapeseed oil

1 sheet gelatine

Kaffir lime ice cream

137g milk

35g cream

26g glucose

26g sugar

2g milk powder

24g sliced kaffir lime

1.4g stabiliser

Pine nougat

100g sugar

100g salted, toasted pine nuts

Citrus oil

1g kaffir lime

7.5g lime zest

2.5g pine needles (washed)

45g grape seed oil

Citrus creme

15g invert sugar

15g glucose

3g egg yolk

54g citrus oil

Milk crumble

54g milk powder

41g flour T45

41g sugar

41g butter

22g corn flour

0.5g salt


Lime sauce

Bring water and sugar to a boil. Add gelatine and lime juice and bring to a boil. Allow to gel for 24 hours. Let the jelly stir in the Kitchenaid on setting 4 for 40 minutes until frothy. At the end rub fresh lime zest into it. Pour into moulds half-way up and freeze. Put some lemon creme onto the half-frozen mousse and ll in the remaining mixture. Later spray it with brown paint.

Lemon creme

Boil cream with lemon juice and zest. Mix eggs, sugar and dextrose in a water bath until the sugar disolves (not until frothy) and mix with lemon cream. Bring to 82C heat and allow to cool to 62C. Emulsify with butter and cocoa butter and ll into piping bags.

Pine parfait

Soak the gelatine, then mix water, egg yolk and pine needles in the Thermomix at 80C for 5 minutes on a medium setting. Pass it through a sieve and add gelatine, fondant and sugar. Finally, fold in the whipped cream. Pour into jars halfway full, then vacuum them. When the mixture reaches the lid, stop the vacuum. Then ash-freeze.

Kaffir lime ice cream

Soak the lime in milk for 48 hours. Heat up cream, glucose, sugar and milk powder to 40C, then add stabilser and heat to 82C, let cool and refrigerate for 24 hours. Then ll into pacojets and freeze.

Pine nougat

Melt the sugar until it caramilses, then add the pine nuts. Place on silpat mat and let cool. Pulverise in the Thermomix and separate into two parts. Mix one part with some Malto Mix for crumbs. Mix the other part with some water and cream to form a cream, then pour into a piping bag.

Citrus oil

Mix all ingredients in the thermomix at 80C for 8 minutes, then let them soak for three days.

Citrus creme

Method as with mayonnaise.

Milk crumble

Bake in the oven at 140C for 6 minutes. Store in a dry place.

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