Serves 4


8 japonais bases(6cm diameter)

1 large rhubarb stalk, chopped in 4cm pieces and cooked in syrup

4 strawberries, diced

100ml rhubarb coulis

200ml rhubarb sorbet

50ml pomegranate juice

Pomegranate seeds

Praline cream

40g pralinefondu

40g whipped cream

1 egg white, whipped with40g de sucre

4 strawberries, diced


Praline cream

Mix the praline with the egg white, and add the whipped cream and strawberry.

To serve

Place a japonais in a circular mould, and surround with slices of rhubarb. Fill with praline cream and cover with another japonais. When ready to serve decorate, and place a bit of rhubarbpurée and pomegranate seeds ontop. Garnish with the remaining ingredients.