Serves 4


Bamboo shoots

4 fresh bamboo shoots

2tbs Manni ‘per me figlio’ extra virgin olive oil

50g butter


Garlic bouillon

250 fresh pink garlic

500ml water

500ml chicken stock

3 branches thyme

Olive oil


Garlic sauce

250ml garlic bouillon

125g butter cut in cubes, ice cold




Green pea puree

250g green garden peas

50 ml. chicken stock

Little butter





20gpickled red radish diced

20g roasted peanuts(with skin), chopped coarsely

4 banno negi/Aonegi (Japanese spring onions)

2 sorrel leaf (cut in half)

20 garlic flowers



Bamboo shoots

Peel the bamboo shoots.Blanch twice the whole bamboo in cold salted water until boiling.Then cut the bamboo in half lenghtwise and blanch in salted water until fondant.Cool down and marinate with Manni Extra Virgin olive oil.Roasted in a pan with little olive oil, add the butter and ensure the butter becomes golden brown and foamy.Bash the bamboo shoots constantly with butter.


Garlic bouillon

Peel the pink garlic and cut in thin slices removing the core.Sweat the pink garlic without coloring in the olive oil until fondant.Add the water and chicken stock. Cook for 30 minutes.Cover with cling film, infuse 20mins.Pass through a fine strainer.


Garlic sauce

Bring the garlic bouillon to boil.Add the butter cube one by one. Blending with hand blender.Season with salt and pepper.Serve garlic bouillon foamy.


Green pea puree

Blanch green peas in salted boiling water.Cook until soft, transfer into Thermomix.Add little butter and little chicken stock and blend until smooth and right consistency, pass through fine strainer and season.Cool down immediately on ice.


To serve

Char the spring onions & season with little salt.Cut the sorrel leaf in half, a little of olive oil and roll the leaf into a curl shape.Put the pickle diced radish ice and peanut on top of the roasted bamboo.Place the charred spring onion on top.Place multiple dots of pea puree in different sizes by using a squeeze bottle in 4 hot bowls.Place the bamboo between the green pea puree dots.Garnish with the sorrel leaf and garlic flower.Spoon the frothy Garlic sauce around the bamboo and serve.


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