Serves 4


18 pieces of Scallops

500g urchin tongues

20cl truffle coulis

Some salicornia

Some mauve purple flowers

100g Boiron lychee juice


Open the scallops and urchins. Make the truffle coulis.

Frosted urchin taramasalata

Freeze the urchin tongues, mix them into the paco-jet, then sieve them. Add some ground pepper and freeze them again.

Crisp scallop

Mix and sieve the scallops, spread them 1.75cm thick and cook them between two plates for 4 minutes at 160°C. Cut them in brunoise, then cook with olive oil. Then add some cold butter. When it reaches a uniform brown colour, deglaze with lemon juice, drain and let it dry. Season with a spice mill.

Lychee juice

Mix 100g of juice with 0.7g of xanthan. Mix and wait for the bubbles to subside.

To serve

Cut and season the scallops with a green pepper marinade.Form a half-circle of crisp scallop on the plate’s edge. Make four spots of truffle coulis, place the scallops directly on them and add the urchin quenelle. Decorate with flowers and salicornia.

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