1 Aged duck

1 orange

Orange puree

5 peeled oranges

15g garlic

2g thyme

35g maple syrup

Pinch of salt

130ml fresh cream

290ml milk

50g sugar


Duck leg confit

700ml duck oil

5 garlic cloves

20g thyme

5 dried cloves

2 duck legs

Duck leg glazing

30g duck leg confit

30g chicken stock

30ml butter

15g oyster sauce

1ts chopped parsley

1/2 shallot

Orange dressing

50ml olive oil

15ml white wine vinegar

15ml orange juice

Orange zest from one orange

7ml orange oil

2 bay leaves

1 star anise


Aged duck

Dry age deboned duck breast from one duck in refrigerator for one week. Sear one 65~80 gram piece slowly until skin is crispy and golden brown. Turn over and repeat, until cooked medium rare / medium (or to taste).

Orange puree

Vacuum pack all ingredients and boil in water for one hour. Remove from vacuum pack, place in mixer and mix until liquid consistency is achieved. Sieve to remove bits.Caramelize sugar and then add to above orange puree. Boil until reduced and a thick, smooth consistency.Pour a little orange puree onto plate, grate a little horseradish onto orange puree before serving.

Duck leg confit

Remove skin from duck legs and vacuum pack along with all other ingredients. Cook sous-vide forfive hours at 70 degrees.

Duck leg glazing

Remove confit after 5 hours and shred duck legs with fingers. Place into pot with shallots, butter, oyster sauce, parsley, chicken stock and bring to boil. Boil until a ‘shiny’ consistency. Place on plate and serve duck on top.

Orange dressing

Mix all above ingredients and drizzle onto small portion of thinly sliced fennel. Sprinkle with lemon verbena, edible flowers and dill. Serve on plate with orange puree, duck glazing, and aged duck.

Intense orange

Place orange in dehydrator at 65 degrees for 24 hours. Remove right before serving.

To serve

Spritz orange oil and ethanol cologne (pictured) onto fragrance stick and offer to guests to enjoy aroma.Bring half dehydrated orange and plated duck, orange puree, fennel salad, and duck glazing, and place on table.Juice dehydrated orange with squeezer and place juice in shot glass. Add five drops of Cointreau to the shot.Grate a little of the dehydrated orange skin onto duck.Eat! Orange and Cointreau shot works wonderfully with the duck!