Serves 12


Milk foam

600ml milk

100g grue de cacao

25g glucose syrup

Cocoa butter

Guanaja dark chocolate (70%)

Creamy chocolate

250ml milk

250ml cream

80g egg yolks

70g sugar

5g gelatin

250g guanaja dark chocolate (70%)

Cocoa sablè

230g butter

200g sugar

350g flour

100g cocoa

2g salt

Ice cream of milk reduction

1ml whole milk

100g sugar

Rice chips

2.2l water

250g carnaroli rice

4g salt

10g cocoa powder


Edible flowers


Milk foam

Bring milk to the boil, pour the grue de cacao into it and infuse for 5 minutes. Pass through a fine strainer and add the glucose syrup. Mount in a water-bath to obtain a very dense foam. Rest for 1 minute, remove the foam, pour into moulds and blast chill at -30°c. Remove from moulds and spray with a mixture 1:1 made with cocoa butter and guanaja dark chocolate.

Creamy chocolate

Bring milk, cream, sugar and yolks to 82°c. Add gelatin previously soaked in cold water. Pour all on the melted chocolate, emulsify, filter and store in refrigerator. Once thickened, mix and store in a pastry bag.

Cocoa sablè

Mix butter, sugar, flour, cocoa and salt. Pour in a mixer and blast. Pour on a plate and bake at 160°c for 10-13 minutes.

Ice cream of milk reduction

Pour milk and sugar into a small saucepan. Cook over a medium flame and simmer until it is reduced to half. Sieve and freeze.

Rice chips

Bring the water and salt to a boil, add rice and cook for 24 minutes. Filter, add the cocoa powder and blend in a thermomix to obtain a smooth and creamy mixture. Spread thin on a silpat, dry in oven at 60°c for 6 hours, remove from oven and let stand at room temperature for 2 days. Heat the oil to 200°c and fry the chips for a few seconds.

To serve

Place a spoon of cocoa sablè in the middle of the platter and lay above two rectangles of frozen milk foam. Decorate with some drops of creamy chocolate, one spoon of ice cream of milk reduction, chocolate flavored rice chips and garnish with edible flowers.

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