For 4 people



750ml water

2 lemons

100g sugar

120g glucose syrup

80g trimoline

6 gelatine leaves

150g ice plant

Verbena sorbet

150g sugar syrup

100ml water

75g sugar

50g glucose syrup

150ml verbena juice

5 gelatine leaves

Ice plant syrup

1l water

5g Xanthan

15g sugar

2 lemons

100g ice plant

Verbena meringue

30g egg white powder

70ml water

75g sugar

75g isomalt

25g vinegar

10g verbena powder

25ml verbena oil

Verbena malt

70ml verbena oil

100g maltodextrin



Boil all ingredients apart from the salad and the gelatine. Dissolve the soaked gelatine in it and stir until cold, then mix in the salad, strain and freeze in form of a glacier.

Verbena sorbet

Boil all ingredients, apart from the gelatine. Dissolve the soaked gelatine in it and freeze everything in moulds.

Ice plant syrup

Mix all ingredients together and strain.

Verbena meringue

Beat egg white powder and water together, boil all other ingredients until 121C and let it slowly flow into the egg white. Beat the mixture until twice its size, dress on silicon mats and dry.

Verbena malt

Stir everything together

To serve

Place to parts of the verbena sorbet onto a cool plate, then place the frozen glacier in between. Dress the ice plant salad with the ice plant syrup and place onto the plate. Drizzle the syrup onto the meringue and sprinkle the verbena malt and the dried verbena powder on top.

Images © René Riis