How To Choose Your Wine by Your Music Taste

08 Sep 2014
2 min read
Enjoy a tipple and some beats? Here’s how to choose your wine, according to the music you love…

The lovely lot at D&D Wine, a new online shop and wine hub from restaurant group D&D London (Michelin starred Angler) have been busy finding a way to help wine lovers distinguish what wine they like according to their taste in music.

The result? Remarkably interesting, actually. Take a look at the three categories below to see what wine should be on your lips, based on what music you like in your ears…

Rock & Riesling

You might more readily associate sex and drugs with rock and roll but a survey from wine specialists D&D Wine shows that the chosen vice of rockers in the UK is, in fact, Riesling.

Findings show that more than one in three rock fans opt for a glass of Riesling while listening to rock. In fact, wine is so hot in the rock world that even iconic American band KISS has its own zinfandel wine called ‘Kiss Zin Fire’ and Australian rock group AC/DC has a range including Back in Black Shiraz.

Technical notes: “Like rock, Riesling is a diverse and complex proposition and you can choose anything from a sweet to a dry variety to suit your own personal taste. Riesling has naturally high acidity so it has immense ageing potential, similar to rock artists such as Guns N’ Roses and Queen who have stood the test of time. You could say that in a similar way to many rock stars, Riesling was badly behaved and had a bad reputation in the 1980s but it has been rehabilitated and made its comeback, bigger and better than ever.” Julien Tessier, D&D Wine Shop Manager

Pop & Sauvignon Blanc

D&D Wine found that one in four pop music fans opt for the ubiquitous Sauvignon Blanc as they listen to a soundtrack by their favourite artists, including ABBA, The Beatles, Rihanna and Katy Perry.

According to a key study by Heriot Watt University, white wine is rated 40% more ‘zingy’ and refreshing when music is played, which might suggest that pop music can bring out these specific notes in the Sauvignon Blanc.

Technical notes: “Sauvignon Blanc is approachable and immediately accessible for consumers, which means its sitting pretty at the top of the wine charts just like pop music. The wine offers zingy, fresh flavour notes and, much like pop, it continues to be popular as it develops further with each vintage, providing a slightly different taste experience than the year before. Its also open to collaboration, doing fine service in blends whilst maintaining its own identity, just like many pop artists when teaming up with other bands.” Julien Tessier, D&D Wine Shop Manager

Classical & Gewürztraminer

One in three classical music fans go for a wine that’s traditionally the preserve of those in the know: Gewürztraminer.

Technical notes: An acquired taste that’s often referred to as the ‘wine lover’s wine’, it offers a deeper colour than most whites and an unforgettable taste and mouth feel that build in flavour, much like the crescendos and the memorable concertos in opera and classical music.

To celebrate the special relationship wine and music have, D&D Wine have created a special Musical Wine Box available to buy atwww.danddwine.comalong with bespoke play lists for your favourite wine variety. D&D Wine will also be hosting a series of fantastic wine and music consumer events taking place across London this Autumn and Winter, starting with the Bordeauxlicious Silent Disco at Old Bengal Bar on Friday 12thSeptember.