Serves 12



200g monalisa potatoes, medium size, skin on and cut in pieces

750ml mineral water

2 vanilla pods


362ml potato water

3g agar

1g xantane gum

48g cooked potato, mashed

220g pomade butter

3.5g black truffle

30g yellow colouring


22g sugar

Caramel of clarified chicken broth

3kg chicken, cut into pieces

2kg pig’s trotter, cleaned and cut

25g garlic clove

200g onions

300g carrot

250g white leek

6 black peppercorns

6g lime thyme

125ml cognac

125g concentrated tomato

80g tsuyu no moto

10l water

Truffle ice cream cone

40g icing sugar, sifted

60g pomade butter

1 egg, approx. 65g

145g wheat flour

100ml warm black truffle juice

15g black truffle, thinly cut



Potato water

Place the potatoes into a pan filled with the mineral water. Bring the pan to the boil. turn off the heat and cover with the cling film. Allow to rest for 8 hours. Finish the potatoes with 2 vanilla pods, setting aside the seeds, and pass through a thin chinois. Add the vanilla seeds and pass again, making sure there are no vanilla seeds left over in the potato water. Reserve the potatoes and the potato water.


Place the potato water and agar in a pot over a high heat and bring to the boil. Remove it from the heat. When it reaches 65c, add the xantane gum and blend it using a thermomix. When it reaches 45c, add the butter, little by little and mixing
it into the potatoes well. Add the yellow colouring and the grated black truffleand mix. Season with the salt and the sugar. Place the mixture into an ice cream machine. Once semi frozen, quickly place into the quenelle mold. Allow to set before delicately removing from the mold.

Caramel of clarified chicken broth

Place the chicken pieces on a tray and roast in an oven heated to 180c until golden in colour. While the chicken roasts, cut the vegetables into pieces, making sure all are roughly the same size. Place the vegetables in a high pot and cook until they are also lightly golden in colour. Combine the chicken and the vegetables, drizzle with cognac and flame cook. Combine the flamed chicken and vegetable mixture with the rest of the ingredients. Cook over a medium heat and reduce to 31⁄2 litres. Clarify and reduce to 1 litre. The texture and colour should be similar to golden caramel.

Truffle ice cream cone

Fit a Kitchen aid with the whip fitting. place a mixing bowl beneath the whip and set it to mixing mode. Add all of the ingredients in order of the ingredients list, starting with the icing sugar first, followed by the butter and adding salt to season last. Mix until it forms a homogeneous paste. Allow the paste to rest in the fridge for approx. 20 hours. Roll the paste into cones and bake using a specialized cone making machine.

To serve

Just before serving, place the ice cream in a dish covered with film and warm in an oven heated to 130c with 30% humidity for 15 minutes. Place the warm ice cream on a warm dish. At the table in front of the customer, break the cone and place it on the warm ice cream. Pour the chicken caramel over the dish andserve.