Cona machine

2 langoustine pincers

1 head

1 tail

2 ginger, sliced

2 spring onions

Shiitake mushrooms, without stalk

1 pak choi


2 slices of turkish mini cucumbers

3-4 thai basil tips

1 cherry tomato, halved

Orange zest

Flowers to garnish



1.2l langoustine stock from the shell

30g fennel

40g onion

40g leek

1 garlic clove without sprout

40g celery

50g tomato, shopped finely

5ml soy sauce

5ml sushi vinegar

10ml pernod

10ml noilly prat

10ml white wine


Soy marinade

100ml soy sauce (normal)

100ml water

Sesame oil

Lime juice


To serve



Parsley cress

Sesame caviar

Lime mayonnaise


Cona machine

Arrange everything in the glass.



Boil everything down to 1l and strain. Then clarify with 200g langoustine carcasses and 40g egg white. Then pass through a cloth strainer and aromatise with coriander, lemon grass, kaffir-lime leaves, garlic, ginger and tomatoes.


Soy marinade

Mix soy sauce and water 1:1. Season with sesame oil, lime juice and sugar.


To serve

On the place, arrange the raw langoustine with coriander cress, parsley cress, sesame oil caviar and lime mayonnaise. Put the soy marinade in the middle and pour on the hot stock at the table.