Goat yogurt mousse

75ml goat yoghurt

50ml cream

15g sugar powder

2g sheet gelatine

Lavender water

65ml water

7g sugar

1g Agar

3 drops lavender flavouring agent (sosa)


150g honeysuckle

75g trimoline

85ml water

Honeyberryice cream

50g cream

50g milk

25g trimoline

25g sugar

2 egg yolks

150g honeysucklesorbet


25g isomalt

25g sugar powder

25g water

5 eggwhites

Mixed berries (raspberries, black-currant, strawberries)


Goat yogurt mousse

Mix the yogurt with sugar powder and thengradually add the soaked gelatine. Mix with the whipped cream and allow to set until use.

Lavender water

Bring thesugar and agar to the boil before taking it off the heat and adding the lavender flavouring. Allow the mixture to set until use.


Mix all ingredients in a blender and then pass through a fine seive to filter out any bits.

Honeyberryice cream

Make the custard mixture from themilk, cream, trimoline and yolk (this will be the base for the ice cream). Once mixed allow tocool before mixingwith the honeyberrysorbet. Freeze. Blend in a Pacojet before serving.


Mix berry puree with egg whites and whip in a mixer. Make a syrup out of water, isomalt and sugar powder and cook in a saucepanuntil it reaches121C. Pour the syrup into the puree paste and whip until completely combined. Dry in a dehydrator.

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