Serves 4


1 whole duck

100g duck liver foie gras

100g purple chard (peeled and cooked in boiling salted water)

Baby chard leafs (wilted in butter)

Spiced red wine jus

Bones from duck

100g honey

2 star anise

1 cinnamon stick

50g ginger

10 cardamom pods

100ml orange juice

1 bottle red wine

1lt veal stock

1lt duck stock

Mirabelle plum purée

250g Mirabelle plums

2 star anise

½ cinnamon stick

10g sliced ginger

75g sugar

120ml water

Poached plum

2 large plums (cut in half with stones removed)

1 teaspoon grenadine

1 star anise

10g fresh ginger

½ cinnamon stick

70g sugar

100ml water


Duck and spiced red wine jus

Roast from the duck at 170Cin the oven until there are a deep golden in colour and all fat is rendered.Place these in a sieve and allow the fat to drain.Put the honey with all the spices (all crushed) into a heavy bottomed pan and cook to a light caramel and deglaze with the orange juice.Then, add the red wine and reduce by 4/5.Add the bones and the stocks to the pan and reduce to sauce consistency.Reserve until needed.

Mirabelle plum purée

Put the water, sugar and spices in a pan and bring to the boil.Reduce the head to a very slow simmer and add the Mirabelle plums.Once cook and soft drain the liquid.Puree and pass through a sieve.Poached plum.Bring the water sugar and spice all up to the boil.Add the grenadine.Pour over the plums in a deep sided container and cling film.Allow to sit for 30min the remove from the liquid and peal.

To serve

Arrange components according to image.