Serves 4


Coconut mousse

15g water

30g sugar

15g egg white

100g coconut puree

1pc gelatin leaf

12g lime juice

150g whipped cream

Corn puree

100g cooked corn

10g icing sugar

Corn ice cream

500g milk

75g corn puree

150g egg yolk

150g sugar

2g stabilizer

Caramel sauce

187g sugar

20g glucose

1pc vanilla bean

50g salted butter

187g cream

Caramelised peanuts

250g peanuts

75g water

200g sugar

15g butter

2.5g salt

Steamed corn



Coconut mousse

Cook water and sugar at 121°C, add in the egg white, whip to get a meringue.Take half coconut puree to melt the gelatin before soak in cold water.Add the rest puree and the lime juice. Whip the cream.Put 1/3 of the meringue in the liquid mix, mix until to get a smooth tecture and add the rest gently.Do the same process with the whipped cream. Pour the mixture on a tray and spread at 1cm thick.Freeze and cut a 7cm long square in the freezer.

Corn puree

Take 100g steamed corn and blend with 10g icing sugar.Strain and keep in squeeze bottle.

Corn ice cream

Mix egg yolk, sugar and stabilizer, add in the hot milk and cook at 83°C to do a crème anglaise.Add corn puree and turn in the ice cream machine.Keep in the freezer.

Caramel sauce

Do a brown caramel with sugar and glucose, add butter and salt.Gradually pour the hot cream with the strum vanilla bean.Cook at 110°C, cool down and keep in a squeeze bottle.

Caramelised peanuts

Cook water and sugar at 110°C, add peanuts and coat with syrup.Continue to cook until to get a brown color and stop the cooking with butter and salt.Put on a tray and before to be cold separated.

Steamed corn

In a steam oven, cook the whole corn during minimum 2 hours.Separate the corn.

To serve

With thick syrup, use a square stencil of 7cm and stick some desiccated coconut on.Put the coconut mousse and let it defrost.Do the plating as picture with some points everywhere of corn puree and caramel.Put some small pieces of peanuts caramelized.Use fresh coconut to make 8 coins per plate and finish with a nice corn ice cream scoop.

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