Serves 10


20 red baby beetroots

20 golden baby beetroots

37 palm heart

40g target beetroot (for shaving)

50g whole radish (for shaving)

20g salt flakes


10 ml beetroot vinegar

30ml extra virgin olive oil

Smoked beetroot puree

100g whole beetroots

50g wood chips

5ml beetroot vinegar

17ml olive oil

Salt to taste

Cultured cream

75ml single cream

125g buffalo yoghurt

60gsour cream

60gcrème fraiche

2.5ml lemon juice

Salt to taste


Gently cook the baby beetrootswhole inwell seasoned boilingwater.Cool and peel the skinsoff with your fingers to keep the natural shape of the beet.

Shave the palm heartvery finely on mandolin ormeat slicer

Shave the target beetrootvery finely on mandolin or meat slicer. Once sliced, cut beetroot disks out with a small round cutter to remove skin.

For the dressing, whisk together beetroot and oil and apinch of salt.

For the puree, roast the beetroots whole at 150°C for approximately 1 hour (depending on size) under very tender. Peel theskins off. In a deep gastronome tray over a burner, place aluminium foil followed wood chips followed by a wire rack. Cover the tray and allow wood to start smoking. When smoking heavily turn down heat, place in beetroots and recover. Allow the beetroots to smoke gently for approx 5 mins. Next place beetroot in a high speed blender with beetroot vinegar. Add a touch of water to get it going and blend on a high speed to a smooth but relatively thick puree. Emulsify in olive oil. Season to taste. Place in a squeeze bottle.

For the cultured cream, whisk all ingredients together until smooth. Add lemon juice and salt to taste.

To serve

Season and dress the beetroots and radishes and place in bowl.

Stand the beetrootsup and arrange the ingredientsnicely off centre on one side of the bowl. Finish with shaved palm heart (2-3), shaved beetroot (2)

Using a squeezy bottle, pipe on 4 generous rounds of puree.

Pour approx 40ml cultured cream in the centre of the bowl.

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