On1 February 2015, Hotel Café Royal will launch an exclusiveAtelier Collection of Cocktailsin collaboration with ParfumsGivenchy, celebratingL’Atelier deGivenchyfine fragrances. The exclusive cocktail collection will be available in the hotel’s vibrant Green Bar, debuting from1 February to 31 March 2015. Developed by Tiziano Tasso, The Club at Café Royal’s talented mixologist, the seven cocktails have been designed to mirror the seven fragrances ofL’Atelier deGivenchyfragrance collection. Marrying the world of fragrance and flavour, each of the cocktails has a distinct colour and unique personality and taste, reflecting the key perfume notes which are unique, universal and distinguished.

Chypre Caresse

“Caresse” is a synonym for gentle, delicate, refined. And this drink is representative of them all. Based on the botanical notes of gin, this cocktail develops with the elegant aromas of jasmine and the pungent element of lemon. The rich yet subtle perfumes of the Poli Miele round off to this symphonic drink.


30ml Fifty Pound Gin | 20ml Poli Miele | 20ml Lemon Cordial | 40ml Jasmine Perl Tea | A few drops of Pomegranate Reduction


Stir & strain, garnish with lemon twist and serve in a Coupette glass.

Cuire Blanc

White Luxury in a glass. The Siberian pine needle extract gives this martini style drink the feel of the forest and mist slowly rising from the trees. Strong, elegant, musky.


60ml Plymouth Navy Strength | 20ml Cocchi Americano | 3 Drops Siberian Pine Needle Oil


Shake & double strain, serve in a Champagne saucer.

Hotel Café Royal
68 Regent Street
London W1B 4DY