Serves 4



400g halibut loin

Slice Chinese ham (or any good quality air dried ham slices)

50gham crumbs

Japenese plum gel

30g Japenese preserved plum

1.5g agar agar

150g plum wine

Cured pork liver

75g cured pork liver

30g cream

50g water

1.5g agar agar

Potato cream

35g new potato

1.5g bay leaf


175g milk


To serve

20 scorched persimmon ball

Micro watercress

Micro red veined sorrel

4xpotato chips



Clean and fillet the halibut.Take the ham and wrap around the fish fillet and allow to cure for around 1½ hours.Discard the ham, dice the halibut and drizzle with olive oil.Store in the fridge until needed.

Japenese plum gel

Sous-vide the plum wine and preserved plum together.Heat at 70°c for 1 hour, strain with a fine chinois.Mix the liquid with the agar and cook at 85°c for 7 minutes then pour into a small tray to cool down.Use a blender to turn the jellied plum liquid to a fine gel and then pass through a fine sieve.Keep in a squeezy bottle for the dressing.

Cured pork liver

Mix the water with the agar and cook at 85°c for 7 minutes, pour in to a tray to cool down.In a blender mix the pork liver with the cream and jelly to a smooth gel.Pass through a fine sieve and keep in a squeezy bottle for the dressing.

Potato cream

Peel the potato and cut in to chunks, cook with the milk, garlic and bay leaf until tender and the liquid is reduced gently to half.In a blender, blend the liquid to a puree with the agar.Cook the pureed at 85°c for 7 minutes and pour in a tray to cool down.In a blender, blend the potato into gel and pass through a fine sieve to use.

To Serve

Take the Halibut tartar and place on the plate, place on the persimmon balls.Squeeze the three gels around (liver, plum, potato).Finish with ham crumb, potato chips and micro herbs.

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