500g Guava puree

100g Sugar

5 leaves of gelatine

Guava gel

1 kg guava puree

Invert sugar 150g

150g of glucose

30g apple pectin

1kg of sugar

15g of citric acid

Dulce de leche

2 liters of sheep milk

1kg of sugar

300g of glucose

3 cloves

3g of bicarbonate

Sheep milk foam

300g of sheep recuit

300g of cream

Sheep’s milk ice cream

2.5kg of recuit

350g of milk

820g cream

515g of sugar

680g of dextrose

100g of milk powder

35g of stabilizer for creams



Milk powder

Sheep yogurt

200g of yogurt


Heat 100g guava with 100gsugar until thin. Mix with the rest of the guava, thinly spread on silicone paper and freeze.

Guava gel

Mix the puree with the invert sugar, glucose and pectin, bring to the boil and then add the sugar mixed with citric acid, stir to avoid lumps, and boil up to 104 °C. Let cool and add the gel sleeves.

Dulce de leche

Heat the sheep milk with the sugar, glucose, spice and bicarbonate reduce until caramel coloured. Cool

Sheep milk foam

Mix the cheese with cream and load into a trap.

Sheep’s milk ice cream

Mix the cream, milk and invert sugar, boil.

Add sugar, dextrose, and the stabilizer, pasteurize at 85°C while stirring. Drain, cool and add the cheese.Cool for 12 hours. Mix in the ice cream and keep at -18ºC.


Place into a cotton candy machine and pick out the pieces with a stick then place them in an airtight container.

Sheep yogurt

Mix the yogurt with a stick and place it inside a bottle.

Finishing and presentation

In a bowl, put the caramel base. In the centre a ball of ice cream and cover with foam cheese, guava gel and the marshmallow. Finish with points of sheep yogurt.