100g shallot, peeled

10ml extra virgin olive oil

2g salt

1g granulated sugar

Fig vinaigrette

100ml fig vinegar

150g extra virgin olive oil

4gsea salt

1g black pepper, freshly ground

30ml fresh lemon juice

Olive oil braised spinach root

200g spinach Root / bottom of spinach stems

40g extra virgin olive oil

2g sugar

2g sea salt

3g garlic, brunoise

125g shallot, brunoise

40g vegetable stock

50g cherry tomato

150g tomato, brunoise

Braised Malkara lentils

1Lvegetable stock

300g Malkara Green Lentil (substitute with Puy lentils if not available)

300g celery, brunoise

300g carrot, brunoise

300g shallot, brunoise

50g extra virgin olive oil

Eriste (noodles)

65g flour AP

65g flour whole wheat


3ml extra virgin olive oil

3g sea salt

10ml milk


120ggrouper fillet



Mix the all ingredients well.Place in a bag and vacuum pack.Cook sous vide at 85 C degrees for 30 minutes.Chill quickly in an ice bath.Keep chilled in bag.

Fig vinaigrette

Mix all the ingredients in a mixing bowl except the extra virgin olive oil.Add the extra virgin olive oilslowy while whisking.

Olive oil braised spinach root

Blanch the spinach and chill in ice water.Sweat shallot and garlic in a pot with olive oil.Put the Cherry Tomatoes in a blender and make smooth puree. Add to the pot. Cook for a minute or to then add the brunoise tomatoes.Add the vegetable stock, season with salt and sugar, simmer for approximately 10 minutes.Place the spinach roots side by side in an 1/1 GNR.Pour the tomato sauce on top of the spinach roots.Cover the tray with aluminum foil and cook in the oven at 170 C degrees for approximately 15 minutes.Cool down to room temperature. Keep at room temperature. Use the same day.

Braised Malkara lentils

Pick through the lentils and discard the small stones.Soak lentil in the vegetable stock for 90 minutes.Cook it very slowly for 10 minutes until the lentil completely absorbs the veg stock.Quickly sautee celery, carrot and shallot in the olive oil.Mix the sautéed vegetables and braised lentil.

Eriste (noodle)

Put all ingredients into a kneader and knead well.Put the dough in a vacuum bag and vacuum %100 then rest in the refrigerator for 24hrs.Roll out the dough to 1 mm using a pasta machine then cut it to 4mm by 3cm strips.Bake the shaped Eriste in oven at 200 C degrees about 4 minutes until lightly brown.


Season the filletand sealin a vacuum bag. Cook the fish fillet SV 65°C for 10min.

To serve

Sautee the lentil, halhali olive, eriste pasta, capers in a small sauce pan, add veg stock and fresh butter last minute.Place the the potato, shallot, spinach root in a sizzler plate and roast/ heat in the oven for 5 minutes.Put the lentil mix in the middle of the deep plate, put the spinach root, potato and shallots around it.Place the fish on top.Mix the fig vinaigrette and chive in a small mixing bowl then pour the vinaigrette and chive mixture on top.Zest the lemon on top of the fish and serve.

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