Serves 6


Apricot coulis

300g fresh apricots (no skin)

200g dried apricots

50g cardamom sugar

20ml sea buckthorn juice

White chocolate, vanilla & cider parfait sphere

140g white chocolate

80g vanilla sugar

260ml cider

300g cream

80g caster sugar

4 egg yolks

2 gelatine leaves

Zest of ½ orange

White chocolate coating

600g white chocolate

150g butter

150ml cream

White chocolate crumbs

100g white chocolate

45g malt-o

Maldon seasalt

Grilled apricot

8 fresh apricots

Zest of orange

Sea salt, olive oil, sugar

Apricot cream

125g fresh apricots (no skin)

125g dried apricots

50ml cider

20g sugar

70g pomada

Apricot sorbet

700g fresh apricots

200g dried apricots

100g orange juice

320g caster sugar

30ml cider vinegar

Apple mint water

500ml water

200g apple mint

0.2 g mint green “sosa” colorant

Apple mint puffs

70ml apple mint water

17g ovoneve

15g sugar

Apple mint powder

Apple mint gel

240ml apple mint water

20ml crème de menthe

20g sugar

2.4g xantana


Silver leaf

Candy floss

Apple mint powder

Orange skin powder

‘marmalade’ flowers


Apricot coulis

Place all ingredients in a blender and mix until smooth. Pass through a fine sieve, then fill small round half sphere molds and freeze for at least 24 hours.

White chocolate , vanilla, cider parfait sphere

Whisk cream with caster sugar to yoghurt consistency. Soak gelatine, mix egg yolks, cider and vanilla sugar. Heat and whisk in a mixing bowl over soft boiling water (bain marie) until gooey and thick, then add the gelatine and white chocolate. Remove from heat, let the mixture cool. When cool fold in the cream and place in small sphere mold until half full. Place a half sphere of frozen apricot coulis in the middle and close the sphere moulds, filling the remaining space. Tap the molds on a straight surface to make sure there are no air bubbles inside. Freeze for at least 24 hours. When frozen, carefully remove the moulds and place a small toothpick in the top of the sphere. The sphere is now ready for coating.

White chocolate coating

Heat cream in a suitable pot and stir to a soft boil. Add chocolate and butter. Remove from heat. Continuously stirring, mix until all lumps are have gone and a smooth consistency is reached. Sieve and place in a tall jug so we can dip the sphere in the chocolate. Dip the sphere in one smooth movement completely coating in the white chocolate. Remove immediately and carefully let the chocolate drip off. Place the sphere onto a tray lined with grease proof paper. Place back in the freezer and let the coating firm up and set. 10 minutes before serving remove the sphere from the freezer.

White chocolate crumbs

Mix the malt-o with melted white chocolate and work it in with your hands and fingers until you can press the mix together to small rocks. Heat a non-stick frying pan to high temperature. Under consistent movement place the white chocolate rocks into the pan, keep the pan moving and remove from heat. The rocks will lose the sharp edges and turn into smooth little stones. Then place in air tight container until ready to serve.

Apricot cream

In a blender cup purée all ingredients to a very smooth mixture. Push through a fine sieve. Place the cream in a squeezy bottle and keep in the fridge until ready to use. The pomade needs 12 hours to set.

Apricot sorbet

In a blender cup purée all ingredients into a very smooth mixture. Push through a fine sieve. Churn into a sorbet.

Grilled apricot

Halve apricots and toss them through some olive oil. Using a very hot griddle, grill them on the flat side until nicely marked, then place on a tray and sprinkle with sugar and zest of a fresh orange. Place in a hot oven to heat through, this will take 3-4 minutes. Finish with a small crystal of maldon seasalt and serve with the dish.

Apple mint water

Place the water, colorant and mint leaves in a blender and blitz into a fragrant green water. Place through a fine sieve, use immediately.

Apple mint puffs

Whisk all ingredients together until stiff peaks of a meringue form. Put in a piping bag with a smooth nozzle and pipe small dots on baking paper. Dust with apple mint powder and dry the puffs in a still oven at 60c.

Apple mint gel

Whisk all ingredients together and keep whisking for 4-5 minutes. The mix will start to emulsify and turn into a gel, place in a squeezy bottle and keep cool until use.


Arrange a large flat piece of candy floss in the middle of the plate. Dust the candy floss with apple mint and orange skin powder. Place the sphere in the middle with the silver atop. Dress ‘marmalade flower’ on top. Dot the apple mint and apricot cream around the edge of the candy floss. The grilled apricots are presented at 2 o clock from the sphere. ‘crumb’ the white chocolate malt-o to half past 4. Add a small scoop of apricot sorbet and finish with small apple mint puffs.

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PHOTOGRAPHY BY Shane O’Neill and Martin Morrell