For 5 portions


Dry cured gravlax

(per portion: 2 sheets of 4in x 4in salmon)

0.5 ea salmon belly, cleaned, cut out, and bones removed

0.5 pt salt

1pt sugar

Half bunch dill

2tsp white peppercorn

Asparagus panna cotta

1pt asparagus scrap

500g cream

8g gelatin sheets

Sea buckthorn tuile

100g sea buckthorn juice

40g glucose

10g sugar

1g apple pectin

1g cornstarch

10g isomalt

Garnishand dressing

1 asparagus, shaved and cut

Attika, for dressing

Salt, for dressing

Lojrom and dill


Dry cured gravlax

Mix salt, sugar, dill, and white pepper corn together, to be used to cure salmon.Score the back of the salmon so the ingredients can better penetrate from both sides.Rub the salmon with the dry cure and refrigerate for 4 days. Flip sides and rub it with cure every day.After 4 days, place it on a sport towel. Cut it into 4-inch long pieces and place in a freezer. When completely frozen slice them on a slicer or with a mandolin. Place them back into the freezer.Cut the arks into 4 by 4 inch pieces, and keep in the freezer until serving. Keep the remaining cured gravlax scraps for the tartar.

Gravlax tartar

Chop the remaining scraps from the gravlax into fine tartar and store in containers.Season with lemon juice, salt and pepper to order.Mold the tartar and place it straight to the plate.

Asparagus panna cotta

Bring water to boil, add in asparagus and let it steep on the lowest heat for about 3 hours. Get rid of the asparagus peal and stick blend the whole piece with cream. Re-measure to 3 liter again.Stir in bloomed gelatin sheets and cool it down over ice until it gets a little thicker. Pour it into a round silicone mold before it gets concrete.When it gets a little more solid, pour it onto a ½ sheet tray lined with plastic. Refrigerate first and then transfer to a freezer. When frozen take out the half balls and place in a fish tub. Ring mold the asparagus panna cotta in the sheet tray and store in a fish tub. The left over panna cotta can be re-melted.Place the panna cotta on the other gravlax sheet.

Sea buckthorn tuile

Bring puree and glucose to a boil.Whisk dry ingredients and add to the boiling puree liquid and let simmer for 5 minutes.Let it cool down before spreading it thin onto a silipat mat.Bake at 150Cfor about 1 minute, re spread it again. Keep doing this 2-3 times more.When its stable and stays thin without going together finish baking for about 3 more minutes. It should start to bubble.Let it cool down and transfer to a baking paper, keep dry and cool.