250g chickpeas, cooked

1 clove garlic, minced

1 tablespoon olive oil

1 tbsp medium hot curry powder

1 pinch of crushed chillies, cooked

A little cilantro, chopped

A little celery salt

Cumin powder

1 egg yolk

1 egg

50g breadcrumbs

A little flour sunflower oil

Tomato cream

160g tomatoes

3 garlic cloves

80g pine nuts

Salt and pepper

A little olive oil

2 slices of toast

100g olive oil


300g of lamb saddle

Salt and pepper


1 dl Jus


Fresh herbs such as coriander, chervil, etc.

A little lemon zest

Curry powder

Black salsify vegetables

8 pieces salsify a little cream



Salt, pepper, nutmeg


Chickpeas chocolate

Mix together all of the ingredients from the list from chickpeas to cumin powder and heat in a saucepan. Remove from flame and blend the ingredients together. Add the egg and roll the mixture into balls. Mix together the egg yolk, breadcrumbs and flour and roll the balls in the mixture. Place the balls into a pan full of sunflower oil or in a deep fat fryer.

Tomato cream

Preheat oven to 140 ° C or gas mark 1. Cut the tomatoes into quarters and mix in the garlic, pine nuts, salt and pepper and season with olive oil, place in the oven for 40 minutes. Cut the bread into small pieces and fry until golden brown.Place the the tomatoes, along with the toast, into a hand blender and puree. Flavour the tomato cream with seasoning to taste.


Preheat oven to 160 ° C or gas mark 2. Season the lamb with salt and pepper and add to a pan, using a little butter. Braise the meat until it is completely brown. Place meat in the middle of the oven for about 5 minutes or until the internal temperature is 80° C then reduce. Remove the meat and let it rest for another 5 minutes, and until the core temperature is 54 ° C.Glaze the rack of lamb in a little juice and season with herbs, lemon zest and curry powder.

Black salsify vegetables

Preheat the steamer to 95 ° C.Peel the salsify and add it and the remaining ingredients into a Vacuum bag, steaming for 45 minutes.

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